From season to season we’re often looking for clever ways to transform our homes. But how do you master the art of a quick and stylish room refresh? To help inspire you, we asked the interior designers at Décor Aid for some tried and true ideas to help you out.

best room refresh ideas 2019

Reimagine your entryway

As it only takes a few seconds to make a lasting impression, do dress up your front door and entryway. And it doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. Here’s what you’ll need: a new welcome mat, a fresh coat of paint on your front door if needed, and a wreath. Inside, an expressive piece of art, a small rug, and an umbrella stand will do if you can’t fit a console.

entryway ideas 2019

Bring in fresh fragrances

For a sense of everyday glamor, create a scent story from room to room in your house with new incense, candles, and drawer liners. Even better if you can source candles in stylishly luxurious vessels like the ones from Gucci, above.


Explore ways to keep tidier

When it comes to any room, the starting point is free, and that’s because it’s tidying up. If you have problem areas, think of what is causing the chaotic clutter, and how you can resolve that issue. It could be a thorough survey of what you need and don’t, and it could be via new storage solutions. Ultimately, it’s up to you. In the long run, you’ll have an easier time keeping tidy if you develop a daily routine of putting things not in use away, in a spot dedicated to them.

modern decorating ideas 2019

Restyle lighting schemes

Most people overlook this key aspect of making a room feel warm and inviting – layered lighting. Instead of relying on a single overhead light, add various lighting sources like lamps and sconces at different heights with different bulbs for a rich effect. And look for smart energy-saving bulbs that’ll help you reduce your imprint on the environment.

inspiring interior design ideas 2019

Consider new focal points

It should go without saying that every room in any home or space could benefit from distinctive, memorable focal points that lend it an elevated sense of personality. And if a room in your home is lacking dynamic focal points, think about smart ways to create them with little effort involved. This could be something as easy as slip-covering your headboard and seating, bringing in conversational art or something as major as having chair rail molding installed.

stylish room refresh ideas 2019

Bring in color and pattern

Vivid color and bold graphic patterns can instantly pick up the spirit of a room without being overbearing or feeling heavy-handed. Revive a room without having to spend a small fortune by repainting existing furnishings in refreshing and unexpected tones.

Or you can go for a striking accent wall that won’t take too much time to cover, with an alluring color of fresh paint. And if that’s too much of an effort for you, you can also do the same via pillows, throws, and decorative accessories that you can switch out from season to season and as trends pass.

colorful room refresh ideas 2019

Add fresh florals and plants

One of the best inexpensive ways to refresh a room that won’t take a ton of time is the introduction of new plants and fresh flowers throughout your home.

Even if you’re not blessed with a green thumb, there are scores of easy to manage plants readily available that won’t keep you stressed. Plus, even better is the fact that certain plants will also work to purify the air around them.

plants room refresh ideas 2019

Bring in a wanderlust feel

With world travels and experiences marking a higher priority over material scores with younger generations, give your home the feel of a far-flung vibe by celebrating your travels and journeys.

Lend your home a worldly spirit by showcasing the collectibles and keepsakes that you’ve amassed over the years, as each piece will work as a conversation-starter with its own story to tell.

eclectic room refresh ideas 2019

Rethink art placement

It goes without saying that vibrant art can really bring a room to life instantly. But if that painting has been fixed against the same wall for years on end, by now, you probably don’t even look twice at it.

Survey your home from room to room and think about what works, and what could work better somewhere else. This, in turn, will help you save money, and it will also give you a better understanding of what your walls have been missing.

art placement room refresh ideas 2019

Move centerpieces around

From your mantle to tabletops to even place settings, just because you bought certain statement-making pieces for one room, doesn’t mean that it has to spend its entire life with you fixed in that one spot. Instead, refresh your entire home without spending a cent by moving around said conversation-starters for a renewed sense of drama.

After all, you might just be surprised at how much better something looks somewhere else as you wouldn’t have figured out so if you didn’t explore new takes on placement.

house staging room refresh ideas 2019

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